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About us

With a vision to cater  the growing needs of the media industry, Singh Cine Equipment is a one stop Camera equipment rental house based in Mumbai.We primarily supply quality equipments to Corporate film makers, Documentary producers, ad film makers, etc.Our USP is our ability to provide the latest equipment to serve our clients better.Our wide range of camera, lenses, rigs, Accessories, Filters,  makes us the best camera rental house in Mumbai
Committed to quality in everything we do. We offer the broadest range of photographic equipment for rental from many of the world’s most recognised manufacturers.

Type of Lens

Prime Lens

For those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘prime lens’ – lets start with a simple definition. A prime lens is one that has just one focal length only (in contrast to a zoom lens that covers a wider range of lengths).

Prime lenses come in a wide range of focal lengths from wide angles through to the very longest of tele-photo lenses used by many sports photographers and paparazzi.

Maximum Aperture – one of the biggest arguments used by prime lens lovers is the speed that prime lenses are able to offer. For example, in the Canon range the fastest lenses available are all prime lenses (down to f/1.2) where as in the zoom range f/2.8 is as fast as you’ll get.


The Master Prime is one in a set of 16 from ARRI/Zeiss featuring excellent resolution, advanced contrast, almost no breathing, and a fast T1.3 aperture for achieving shallow depth of field. Ranging from 12mm to 150mm, the Master Primes offer the skin tones and color rendition for which Zeiss is noted, and are color-matched for consistency across the set. These lenses incorporate an iris with at least nine blades for cinematic-looking bokeh with distinct focus fall-off. Dual floating elements provide optimal close-focus performance while minimizing breathing when focusing. The advanced T*XP coating reduces reflections and glare while improving contrast.


The Master Anamorphic Prime Lens is the widest in a set from ARRI/Zeiss featuring low distortion and a fast T1.9 aperture for achieving shallow depth of field. This anamorphic prime offers the skin tones and color rendition for which Zeiss is noted, and color-matches other ARRI/Zeiss primes and ARRI/Fujinon zoom lenses. Its 15-blade iris produces cinematic-looking, oval bokeh with distinct focus fall-off. There is minimal breathing when focusing and no “fat face/anamorphic mumps” effect on your talent. With there being no visible drop-off at the corner of your images, the full 2.39-format image is usable.

Our Esteemed Clients

  • VIACOM 18 Media Ltd
  • Dharma Production Pvt ltd.
  • Maxima Production
  • Flying River Films
  • Conversion Films
  • OML Films
  • Yashraj Films
  • Zero Followers
  • Supari Films
  • Old School Films
  • Flyking Entertainment
  • Red Chillies 

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